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Vegan Fried Onion Burger

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The amount of onions in this Oklahoma Onion Burger make it more than OK!

A few days ago, I had never heard of an Oklahoma Fried Onion Burger, and today, I'm claiming that it's gotta be in my top 10 all time favorite burgers. Once again, simplicity (and copious amounts of onions) rule supreme.

If you are unfamiliar with one as I was (until I was lucky enough to have a request to make one and did some research and went "Holy cow, I gotta make one of those ASAP!"), it's essentially a burger that's been smashed, and then had a ridiculous amount of thinly sliced onions then smashed into the burger. Then when you flip it, the onions get cooked into the burger, and it's just friggin MAGIC!

Apparently this burger was invented during the Great Depression. Meat was really expensive and in order to get more bang for the their buck, they would make burgers that were half meat and half onion. So I guess if there's a silver lining to the Depression, it was the invention of this burger!

You can also do it as a Patty Melt on Texas Toast with a Burger Sauce, this was my favorite way to do it!!

In order to slice the onions thin enough, you really should use a mandolin or some kind of vegetable slicer. I recommend about 1/4 of an onions worth per patty. You can use white, brown, yellow or sweet onions.

I also highly recommend using a very hot cast iron skillet and a stiff metal spatula to get all the onions off the skillet. Aside from that, all you need is some pickles and mustard and you got yourself one of the best burgers you ever did eat! You can make a single patty, or do like I did and go for a double! Twice the onions, twice the cheese if you please!

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Makes 1 Single or Double Burger

  • 3 - 6 ounces of plant based meat, formed into 1 or 2 equal sized patties

  • About 1/2 an onion's worth of thinly sliced onions

  • 1 - 2 slices vegan cheese

  • Dill pickle slices

  • Good smear of mustard

  • 1 hamburger bun


  1. Using a mandolin (or very sharp knife) thinly slice the onions. I set my mandolin to the lowest setting. It's easier if you set it up over a bowl so the onions just drop into the bowl for safe keeping.

  2. Spread a decent amount of oil on a cast iron skillet with a paper towel. Bring it up to medium high heat.

  3. Roll up your plant based meat into 2 equal sized meatballs. When the oil in the skillet starts to smoke, add the balls to the skillet and smash with a stiff metal spatula.⁣⁣⁣⁣

  4. Immediately add (at least) 1/2 a cup of the onions to each patty, and smash them into the patties.

  5. Grill each patty for about 4 minutes. Then flip.

  6. Once you flip the patties, add a slice of cheese to each. Traditionally, you would then add the top bun and then the bottom bun on top to steam and absorb the oniony goodness. I didn't do this as I wanted to get pickles and mustard on my top bun, so the choice is yours.

  7. If you don't add your buns to the patties, you can add some water to the skillet and cover. The steam will help melt the cheese.

  8. Once cheese is melted, stack both patties on top of each other, top with pickles, smear the top bun with a healthy dose of mustard. ⁣⁣⁣

  9. ENJOY!⁣⁣

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